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The exhibition is organized in collaboration with as a part of the program to promote Polish design worldwide, as well as with the Institute of Design Kielce Castle Hill. 

The project is supported by the Bieliny Community, and by the Polish General Consulate in Milan, under the patronage of the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola. it takes place under the patronage of the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola.

The goal of, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute's flagship brand, is to promote Poland and Polish culture abroad. Through the presentation of high-quality initiatives and events in the fields of art, music, and design, aspires to introduce an international audience to contemporary Polish culture.  The website provides daily fresh information on the most exciting Polish cultural events worldwide; it is also the biggest and most comprehensive source of knowledge about Polish culture. A special section dedicated to Polish design includes information about the latest trends, and the newest projects by Polish designers – the young and up-and-coming and the well-established and world-renowned.


Worldwide promotion of Polish design and its continuous support is one of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s main priorities. Design serves as a platform for the presentation of contemporary Polish culture and the promotion of Polish creativity. Our success in the pursuit of this goal has been possible thanks to fruitful cooperation with such renowned partners as Ventura Lambrate (Milan), London Design Festival, Maison&Objet (Paris), Paris Design Week, DW! São Paulo Design Weekend, Inno Design Tech Expo (Hong Kong), Business of Design Week (Hong Kong), Istanbul Design Week, International Furniture Fair Singapore, Design Trade Copenhagen, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (New York), Wanted Design (New York), Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, What Design Can Do! (Amsterdam), Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven) and Wallpaper*.

In the heart of the oldest mountains of Europe, at the foot of the grand monastery on top of Łysiec, within the protection zone of Swietokrzyski National Park lies an administrative district: Gmina Bieliny – a scenic part of Swietokrzyskie Mountains. A unique value of nature landscape as well as distinctive microclimate create a special place of recreation for children, teenagers and adults.

A significant advantage of the region is rich cultural heritage. A thousand years of history and a tradition of pilgrimage to the Holy Cross Wood relic hidden in the Łysogóry forest left tangible and intangible remnants on this soil. In conjunction with spotless nature Gmina Bieliny is a perfect place to rest and relax. We cordially invite you to Gmina Bieliny. This unusual place enchants tourists with convenient location, healthy climate, beautiful nature, and one of a kind cultural heritage intensified by the magic of Holy Cross…


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