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COL_Collect with Strap & Date(Landscape)_BLACK

During the 19th edition of Collect, the leading international fair for contemporary craft and design the Polish artist and maker Anna Bera is going to present her latest sculptural mirror from the collection OBJECT. The work will be a part of Collect Open exhibition, the fair’s platform for pioneering and thought-provoking craft installations by individual artists.



Creating the collection Anna Bera searches for a specific mode of existence of objects in space, a manner that is monumental and heavy, even ostentatious; where an object is something that appears suddenly and without justification, but its existence is indisputable. It exists as if it was unable to non-exist. It is only what it seems to be, though it could also be anything else. Bera plays with the form of a utility object. As a result of these considerations, she creates a collection of sculptures that may perform the functions of mirrors. The mirror pane glued outside causes the frame function to be degraded and the frame becomes useless. There is no reason why objects are what they are. Their existence may seem coincidental, but that does not make it less legitimate; and perhaps it is even more legitimate when there is nothing but existence in such an OBJECT.


The project that attracted the curators' attention and was selected for this year's Collect Open exhibition is a monumental 2.6-meter tall sculpture, hand-carved from sycamore wood with a mirror made of polished steel. The work will be on view from 3 to 5 March  (previews 1-2 March), booth E28 in Somerset House, London. 

Anna Bera is a multidisciplinary creative, woodcarver and carpenter specializing in functional art using wood as her main medium. She was born in 1985 and raised in a small village in the Swietokrzyskie Mountains, Poland. Since 2014 she runs her own design studio and workshop based in Warsaw dedicated to creating unique objects, crafted by hand from wood, with inspiration coming from Bera's observations of the relationship between humans and nature — from a biological, spiritual and cultural perspective. The artist focuses on the ways the objects are used and on their ritualistic significance in everyday life. She creates sculptural furniture and utility objects, the form of which does not reveal the functionality, instead encouraging the users to explore and give them their own meaning. Her work has been exhibited in Poland, Europe, US and South-East Asia.


The exhibition is supported by the Polish Cultural Institute London, City of Kielce, Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Bieliny Community.



Polish Cultural Institute in London

The Institute's focus lies in promoting Polish culture and heritage to British audiences, as well as developing collaborations and building bridges between key cultural or academic institutions in Poland and the UK. Through nurturing these relationships, providing access to essential cultural resources and supporting through funding, PCI London can successfully showcase the best of Polish art, film, theatre, music, literature, science, and heritage to culturally diverse residents of the UK. Facebook: Polish Cultural Institute Twitter: @PLinst_London


City of Kielce

Kielce is the capital of one of the regions of the European Union in the heart of Świętokrzyskie Mounties. We are unique thanks to the combination of nature, including attractions from the UNESCO list, business potential in the form of Kielce Traid Fairs (Targi Kielce) and culture. The amphitheater "Kadzielnia", built into the rocks of former quarry, creates an exceptional atmosphere and acoustics for concerts and performances. A rich collection of Polish paintings tempts in the interiors of the National Museum located in the baroque former Palace of Krakow Bishops. The Municipal Design Institute and the Faculty of Art of the University of Kielce delight with their creativity and projects. “There are several dozen cultural institutions in Kielce that provide a wide range of services. Renowned artists such as Rafał Olbiński, Marek Cecuła, Krzesimir Dębski and Włodek Pawlik are associated with our city. We also support young and promising talents, such as Anna Bera, who, thanks to the help of the City, gain well-deserved international fame. Kielce is a good place to work and live.” - Bogdan Wenta, Mayor of Kielce,


Adam Mickiewicz Institute

The goal of, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute's flagship brand, is to promote Poland and Polish culture abroad. Through the presentation of high-quality initiatives and events in the fields of art, music, and design, aspires to introduce an international audience to contemporary Polish culture.  The website provides daily fresh information on the most exciting Polish cultural events worldwide; it is also the biggest and most comprehensive source of knowledge about Polish culture,


Bieliny Commune

The Bieliny Commune is a picturesque and interesting land located in the heart of the oldest in Europe, the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, at the foot of the majestic monastery on Łysiec, in the buffer zone of the Świętokrzyski National Park. Most of its area is within the limits of the Świętokrzyski National Park and its buffer zone, and includes a fragment of the Cisowsko-Orłowiński Landscape Park. The unique natural and landscape values as well as the special microclimate make it an exceptional and attractive holiday destination for tourists. Captivating mountain views with characteristic striped fields, clean air, numerous places not contaminated by human activity, as well as the proximity of many popular tourist attractions are the natural treasure of these areas. The proximity of one of the region's greatest attractions - the Monastery of the Oblates of the National Museum in the Holy Cross, where the relics of the Holy Cross Tree are located - makes the Bieliny commune a stop for many pilgrims to the top of Łysiec. The Bieliny commune is a treasury of Świętokrzyskie traditions and elements of cultural heritage vigorously cherished by its inhabitants. We cordially invite you to experience the attractions of the Bieliny commune! It is an extraordinary place that attracts tourists with its location, healthy climate, beautiful nature and traditions,


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