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Creative thing is a sophisticated office gadget and a rescue in moments of creativity crisis. Thanks to hidden magnetic joints it allows to create contemporary pocket sculptures, a unique decoration of any desk.


Creative thing increases creativity and lowers stress level, encourages play and stimulates the tired mind. The object can perform a variety of functions: a pen holder or memo stick, magnetic board or a clever desk cleaner that quickly removes metal elements such as staples. Each block has two precisely designed built-in magnets, so that the composite object would not stay in the form of a cube, but would open itself, encouraging action. Solid wood and natural finish makes the item look original and elegant. Version for kids is a fun set of magnetic wood building blocks.



Concept and design: Anna Bera 

Production: The Whole Elements 

Photos: The Whole Elements

Year: 2015

Magnetic wooden building blocks was awarded with third prize in the Creative Thing 2015 cometition Organized by National Center for Culture and Design Business Kraków. 

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