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Objects created for the Warsaw based restaurant Bezgwiazdek reflects designer’s latest interest in the idea of correspondence between forms in nature. The design is based on the form of a particular fossil and inspired by different food textures.


01_a2_poprawiony czarny wyciete.jpg
P1180440_DxO ciemne tlo1 splaszczone pom

The form of the wall hung sculpture this time is not an exact representation of a particular stone. The design process starts with a photo of a fossil, which is then recreated as a collage. The artist looks for similarities between the organic and inorganic; stone, wood, plants, seeds, nuts and animals. Inspired by the texture of vegetable and meat dishes creates a hybrid that can evoke different associations.



photos courtesy of Bezgwiazdek


Concept, design and making: Anna Bera 

Client: Bezgwiazdek

Interior design: Ruszkowski Architekci

Photos: The Whole Elements

Year: 2018


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